How To Create a Tech Pack for Garments Production

tech pack

In this article, we’ll discuss how to create a technical specification sheet, update your BOM, and create a detailed tech pack. Using the right format for your tech package is crucial to its success. Listed below are some tips for getting started. Hopefully, these will help you to create a high-quality tech pack that will impress your manufacturer.

Technical specification sheet

A technical specification sheet for garment production is an important document that specifies the details of a garment. It establishes the parameters for production processes, raw materials, and sizing standards. It also records any missing information from a pattern. These specifications should be accurate in order for a garment to be produced to the desired standards. Here are some tips to create an accurate tech document. Here are a few examples of tech sheets for garment production.

Pantone color reference

A Pantone color reference tech pack is vital for the creation of your designs. This document includes the exact Pantone shade number, fabric research, sizing charts, graded sizing chart, and technical illustrations. Using a tech pack helps you cut the number of samples required and improve the speed of market development. To create a tech pack, you will need a design reference image or sketch and a simple sketch of the finished garment.

Updating BOMs

Updating BOMs when creating your tech package for garment production is critical. The wrong order of materials in a product can lead to a poor result in the factory. The BOM is a key document to help the factory understand the conversion process. It also ensures the quality of each batch. This article will go over how to update your BOM. Listed below are three advantages to updating BOMs when creating your tech pack for garment production.

Creating a detailed tech pack

When you create a tech package for a garment, you’re not only providing your maker with the details of the garment, but also giving them an idea of how your design should look. The Bill of Materials, also called a spec sheet, is a thorough list of all of the physical elements of a garment, including the fabric, fasteners, threads, labels, and care tags. It’s also important to include information on how your design should be used, as one small mistake can cause major problems later on. This is where the tech pack comes in.

Benefits of a detailed tech pack

A detailed tech packing for garment production is a crucial part of the process. It contains information about the production process of the garment, including the design, fiber content and material identification numbers. The information should also include the name of the fabric supplier. Fabric experts estimate that there are 150 shades of grey. The information provided in the tech pack is important to produce a garment that fits and looks good during sampling and bulk production.

How To Create a Tech Pack for Garments Production

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