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Jingqi Apparel is a professional custom private label clothing manufacturers. The MOQ is 50 PCS, which can meet the production needs of designs.
We have more than 20 years of experience in producing garments for international clients/fashion brands. As a professional cut and sew manufacturers in China. We know the requirements of every garment order, we understand the value of a good garment design and how to achieve it.
As a leading private label clothing manufacturer in China, we focus on providing customers with one-stop service for private label clothing manufacturing needs and custom clothing production needs. This special service takes care of the follow-up work, such as designing and making tech pack, sample development, serial production, inspection and logistics. In particular, we have strong procurement and development of raw materials, fabrics and accessories for the whole big order.
With us, you can develop a full range of elegant and glamorous bespoke garments for your apparel brand and business. As the best custom garment manufacturer in China, we customize all kinds of private labels for you, including hang tags, thermal labels, satin labels and woven labels. Further features can be added on request to make your clothing collection even more unique.

Get High-quality Labels From Leading Private Label Clothing Manufacturer China

As apparel manufacturers move dynamically toward modern ideas, the diverse brand demands and changing spectrum of the apparel world have made way for white label apparel.

Private labels have become the go-to choice for hoodie manufacturers around the world. The apparel industry has turned to diverse labeling options that not only make clothing brands self-sufficient but also provide them with superior brand identity. The benefits offered by private label clothing open new doors for manufacturers to build their presence in the apparel space with a unique brand concept to attract more potential customers.

The explosion of new casual and premium apparel brands requires private label apparel manufacturers to offer more diverse options to match the brand’s ideology and engage potential customers in new marketing strategies.

With us, you can develop an entire collection of elegant and stunning bespoke clothing for your brand and business. As the best custom clothing manufacturer in China, our factory provides you with various additional facilities including hang tags, thermal labels, satin labels and woven labels. Additional features can be added upon request to make your clothing collection even more unique.

Private Label Clothing

Custom Private Woven Labels

Woven labels are used to display information about your clothing brand. Brand information includes brand name, logo or size. Custom woven labels bring a more elegant touch to clothing from private label manufacturers.
The minimum number of labels to compile is 1000, and we will keep them for your future orders to reuse


Custom Private Satin Labels

Satin labels are popular in private label clothing. Care to display fabric material, brand, logo or size on it. Label customization options include selecting material color, ink color, font size, font style, and label size.
The minimum quantity of satin labels is 1000, we will keep them for your future orders to reuse


Custom Hangtags

Hangtags are an excellent marketing tool that can generate the interest of potential buyers when you hang your private label clothes in a store surrounded by thousands of other clothes. That’s why it’s important to print high-quality hang tags. Time to upgrade your promotional materials and get an eye-catching custom private label.

Package Design

Package Design

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