Top 10 Clothing Manufacturers in China 2022

Top 10 Clothing Manufacturers in China

For a list of Top 10 Clothing Manufacturers in China, read on! Below we look at companies such as Foshan Bestex Textile Company, Guangzhou Weixin, Ningo Princess & Pea, and Weihai Textile group. If you want to get ahead in the industry, read on! This list has plenty of growth potential for clothing manufacturers in China! In addition, you can find out more about the brands that source their goods from China.

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Foshan Bestex Textile Company

Founded in 2005, Foshan Bestex Textile Company is a leading manufacturer of women’s clothing. It produces athletic and athletics clothing, including shirts, swimwear, and jumpsuits. In addition to its high-quality clothing, it is one of the top vendors and suppliers on Alibaba, generating more than $2 million in sales and B2B orders per month.
In 2013, Foshan Bestex Textile Co. was ranked one of the top exporters in the city, with annual exports of over $100 million. It offers high-quality products at competitive prices to the global market, and also provides OEM services with a low minimum order quantity. The company exports to the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Other companies that have emerged as top clothing manufacturers in China in recent years include Foshan Zhonghui Textile Printing And Dyeing Co. Ltd., a garment manufacturer with more than ten years of experience. Its products are made of a combination of advanced sewing machines and skilled workers.

Guangzhou Weixin

A factory named Guangzhou Weixin is one of China’s largest foreign trade clothing manufacturing companies. Founded in 1995, it is one of the top manufacturers of children’s clothes. It is ISO 9001 certified and has more than 200 employees. The factory is able to meet the needs of a variety of international customers, including brands in North America and Europe. The factory’s output has been exported to the United States, France, Germany, and Italy. It is also third-party-audited and its raw materials are inspected by SGS and ITS.
As the world’s largest clothing producer, China has become a global player in the apparel industry. The country’s participation in the World Trade Organization and increased domestic industry have resulted in improvements in the country’s garment production. Currently, China boasts more than a hundred thousand suppliers and employs more than ten million people. In 2012, Chinese garment production surpassed 40 billion pieces. The country exported 153.2 billion dollars of clothing.

Ningo Princess & Pea

If you are in the market for new designs and fashions for children, you might want to consider a company called Ningo Princess & Pea. This company was founded in 1995 and employs over 350 people. They produce 3K sample styles per month and 600K pieces of clothing per month. These garment manufacturers provide professional OEM/ODM solutions, quality control, global delivery, 3D models and private rates.
With the help of increased western industry, China has become a major player in the global apparel industry. Today, China boasts more than ten million employees and more than 100,000 suppliers. In 2012, China exported 43.6 billion pieces of clothing, generating a revenue of 153.2 billion dollars. The growth of the Chinese garment industry is largely due to the fact that the country’s economy is more developed than the world’s average.

Weihai Textile group

The Weihai Textile group is one such rare supplier, which deals with men’s apparel. Its products include shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants, pajamas, and jackets. This company has a production capacity of over 1,000 pieces per month. Its products are mainly used by men, and are also highly sought after by tourists and businessmen.
The company has a solid position in the industry. It is the only textile enterprise in China to be awarded the title of “national suede textile product development base”. Its distinctive style of products has been achieved through the continuous innovation in fabric weaving and dyeing processes. It also imports complete sets of automatic production equipment from overseas. All of these measures ensure high-efficiency production capacity and good quality of products.


Changda, founded in 1997, is a Chinese manufacturer, trading house and OEM/ODM supplier of apparel and sportswear. Its 4,000-square-meter production facility has a capacity of over 350,000 sets of garments per month. According to recent reports, Changda’s output has been exported to the US, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. It also has a commitment of $3 million to buy another factory that makes knitted sports garments.
Another great company is Huaxiang, a knitwear manufacturer with 2,000 employees across China and Bangladesh. Its products are crafted from recycled and sustainable fabrics, and it has been verified by the SGS for its quality standards. Sample orders are delivered within seven days, while mass production is completed in about twenty or thirty days. For bulk orders, customers must deposit 30% of the total amount in advance. Huaxiang specializes in high-quality wool and knitwear.


Located in Zhejiang, China, H&Fourwing is a leading manufacturer of women’s apparel. The company produces trendy pieces with an excellent range of textile processing and designing services. Besides apparel manufacturing, the company also offers end-to-end services, including design, textile processing, and manufacturing. In fact, H&Fourwing has been producing clothing since 1998.
As one of the world’s largest consumer markets, China is likely to continue to dominate the apparel industry. Several government policies are being implemented to help mitigate risks to the garment industry, and the country has consolidated ties with African and Central American nations.

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Top 10 Clothing Manufacturers in China 2022

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