Fabric Sourcing Guide: How to Find Fabric Suppliers

Fabric Sourcing
For start-ups that want to start their own clothing brand, the first thing they need to determine is their own brand style. Among them, the determination of the fabric is the most important link. But how do start-up apparel companies source fabrics?
This article will guide you in your fabric sourcing. We’ll discuss how to get it and where to get the fabric you need to make your clothes.
After reading this article, you will know how to source fabric . Reading this article will also lead you to find the best suppliers in the fabric industry.

What is Fabric Sourcing?

Before we tackle fabric sourcing, we’ll review what sourcing is. Sourcing is the process of finding the best suppliers to source your materials or services from. Having said that, fabric sourcing is the process of getting the fabric you need.
In clothing design and development, fabric is the most important raw material in clothing (second only to Tech pack). At the same time, the fabric cost is 70% of the clothing cost.
Fabric sourcing is the term used by professionals when looking for suppliers to source fabrics. Sourcing fabric can seem like a daunting task. But, once you know it, you can tame fabric acidification.

What to Ask When Purchasing Fabrics

When sourcing fabrics, you must ask some important questions to ensure that you are getting a high quality and safe product. These questions will also help you understand pricing, availability and the type of material to buy. Here are the questions you should be asking when sourcing fabric:


MOQ is an abbreviation that stands for Minimum Order Quantity. For high volume suppliers, minimum order quantities may exceed one hundred yards. If you only need a small quantity, then it’s best to get a replacement from a low MOQ supplier. Companies with low minimum order quantities have an MOQ of around 20 to 100 yards. If your business is still new, it is better to work with a company with a lower MOQ.

Length per roll

Before purchasing, it is important to know how many meters of fabric are present in the fabric roll. Fabric rolls come in different lengths and it is important to clarify before purchasing to know what you are getting. A single fabric roll has 25 to 100 meters of fabric. The length is determined in linear meters per kilogram. A linear meter is a length measured on a straight line. You still have to ask for the fabric width, because the wider the width, the less fabric you’ll need. Fabric rolls also vary according to their weight. Elastic fabric have longer rolls than heavy fabrics.

Quotation (sample and mass production)

A quote is another thing you should ask for when sourcing fabric. You may need a sample, then ask for a quotation. This will help you compare prices with other suppliers to get favorable business deals. Suppliers prepare quotations describing products, prices, and terms and conditions. Samples should be sold at a higher than normal price.

Quotation unit

The quotation unit refers to the unit price of each product. It’s the price per roll of fabric. Suppliers may also offer discounts based on the quantity you want to buy. In China, the unit of quotation is usually kilograms, yards and meters. Same price if quote is yards. Then it is about 10% more expensive than the price quoted by the meter

What are the main fabric purchasing channels

Finding the right manufacturer or supplier is important during the fabric sourcing process, and there are many ways to do this. Fabrics can be sourced online, at trade shows or through fabric sourcing companies/fabric sourcing agents.

Online Fabric Sourcing

This is an easy method of fabric sourcing. There are many online suppliers offering different products, you need to choose one that has what you need. You should make sure to get the necessary details before making a buy. There are popular online fabric.com, moodfabrics.com, and fabric depot.com. Fabric.com, a subsidiary of Amazon, Inc., is the top online fabric store. The online store was established in 1993 as a wholesale distribution channel. There are many fabric materials, from denim to silk, faux fur, linen, nylon and more. The site also offers shipping to many countries.
Moodfabrics.com is one of the world’s top fabric shopping destinations. Established in 1991, the online store plays an important role in the fashion industry with many clients and clients. Purchasing online can be no problem as long as you find a trusted supplier. Another way to source fabrics is through fabric sourcing trade shows.

Fabric Sourcing Trade Show

Trade shows are especially useful for upcoming designers and other fabric businesses. With fabric and fashion exhibits at the trade show, you have the opportunity to view many textiles from different manufacturers and suppliers. Well-known trade shows include: Textile Forum, Premiere Vision, DG Expo, Texworld USA, Sustainable Angle, etc.

How to find wholesale fabric suppliers in China?

Why Choose China For Fabric Sourcing?

You can choose between many countries, such as China or Italy, to manufacture your product, but deciding to source in China has advantages that we’ll detail.

Supplier expertise

China is now known as one of the world’s largest exporters of textiles. This perception is due to the changes China has known over the past decade or so. In fact, the government is trying to grow the industry and train workers for performance and get new skills. Due to this initiative and its production capacity, China has become one of the important centers of manufacturing expertise among other industrialized countries in Southeast Asia.

competitive price

price is one of the first criteria when looking for a supplier. If you choose a Chinese supplier, you will enjoy one of the most competitive prices in the world.


These are important things to know about fabric sourcing and we hope you find this guide helpful. This guide will go a long way in making your fabric sourcing process go smoothly. If you need our assistance with your fabric sourcing or are looking for a clothing manufacturer that can source fabric for you, please contact us

Fabric Sourcing Guide: How to Find Fabric Suppliers

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